5 ATS Features That Streamlines Tech Recruiting

ATS is quite similar to search engine optimization for websites, which displays results depending on your search terms and anything else that might be relevant to you. ATS serves that purpose for recruiters! It is aware of the job description’s requirements and uses an algorithm to scan through profiles to determine which ones do. Depending on what the recruiters are searching for and whether you are qualified, the results could be 82% match or 90% match.

Since the outbreak, there have been up to 500% more job ads on LinkedIn. Candidates naturally have a lot of open positions to apply for, but as a recruiter, finding the best candidate is just as important as satisfying talent demands.

The role application tracking system enters the picture here. It is not sufficient to simply incorporate an ATS into a talent acquisition process. You must make sure that your ATS has all the functionality you need to improve your tech hiring strategy.


What Is the Meaning of ATS

A straightforward computer-based hiring tool is an applicant tracking system (ATS), sometimes known as a talent management system. It is intended to save recruiters time and keep them organized as they search for the best candidates.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) objective is to track and organize candidates in a single database to automate the entire hiring process.

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1) Career page

An applicant tracking system’s ATS career page enables you to list all open opportunities on your organization’s website. The page also assists you in creating a fantastic marketable “openings” dashboard where you can quickly put your business’s logo, vision, culture, pictures, etc.

Your prospective employees arrive at the career page after finding your job listing. So, if you want to sell prospects on your organization, you should include key information about it on your career website.

2) Job distribution portal

You must broaden the scope of your job post to attract the best applicant for the position. By posting your job listing on various employment boards, you can.

If you have a job distribution portal in your ATS, you can post your job listing on all prominent job portals with a single click if they work with the majority of ATS providers.

3) Application sorting tool

You’ll get a lot of applications once your job posting is live on employment portals. You can find appropriate applications that match the job description with the aid of an application sorting tool.

You can eliminate applicants who lack the necessary qualifications for the position with the aid of the sorting tool.

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4) Resume storage box

The perfect ATS should feature a resume storage box where all application resumes are kept.

Even after the position has been filled, the stored resumes can still be quite helpful. There are times when you must leave a fantastic prospect because of the demands on your business right now, even though you may need that prospect in the future.

5) Messenger and interview scheduler

Once you’ve narrowed down the pool of prospects to move forward with, you’ll need a reliable way to communicate with them.

You can communicate with the candidate directly from the dashboard and set the date and time of the interview thanks to an ATS that has these options.

According to the settings, the integrated scheduler also serves as a reminder tool, reminding you and the candidate before the interview.

In conclusion

As the employment market expands, ATS enables employers to find more competent individuals. With the Applicant Tracking System Features (ATS) listed above, one should be prepared to get a system that fits the scope and volume of their enterprise.

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