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5 High-Volume Hiring Techniques to Employ in 2022


It can be difficult to find the proper talent and to do it efficiently. The success of large volume Hiring Techniques for many hiring teams frequently comes at the expense of time-consuming, manual outreach operations, unstructured spreadsheets, disorganized data, and challenging returnship recruiting.

However, with the correct tactics in place, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals may complete high-volume Hiring Techniques in a seamless and fully automated manner.

Hiring Techniques

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It’s crucial to remember that the most successful high-volume Hiring Techniques happens when you have methods in place to support your hiring team’s efforts, whether you’re starting your first round of hiring at scale or your nth round.

1) Automate tasks and manual processes

High volume hiring is a difficult task that can easily consume time, resources, and energy. When it comes to optimizing most recruiting procedures, automation is nothing new, and it’s just as useful for high-volume hiring as it is for regular hiring requirements. Automating these Hiring Techniques with the aid of tools and solutions can not only make hiring quicker and more effective but also less biased.

When your team makes large-scale hiring decisions, being able to see your complete candidate funnel and automate a variety of formerly manual recruitment procedures can help you save time and make the most of your available resources.

Automation technologies can also aid in minimizing prejudice in your hiring, ensuring that you maintain fair diversity Hiring Techniques even when hiring on a large scale.

2) Use analytics and data to improve your hiring pipeline

When making a large number of hires, hiring data and recruiting metrics are essential. These statistics can not only be used to optimize your entire Hiring Techniques process, but they can also show you where your weaknesses are and what you need to work on to successfully hire a large number of people at once.

Your recruiting data can assist you in finding methods to optimize and enhance, for instance, if you saw during your most recent mass hiring that it took your team too long to screen candidates or fill vacancies.

3) Boost productivity through talent rediscovery and returnship

Talent rediscovery and returnship are concepts you’ve heard about before. Both are essential to leverage when it comes to high-volume Hiring Techniques.

Using your applicant database to find prior candidates for current new roles is known as talent rediscovery. Returnship operates similarly in that former employees may be interested in returning. Your hiring staff can leverage rediscovery and returnship to fill open positions in both situations.

Hiring Techniques

4) Create a candidate-focused, streamlined application process

It takes a lot of work to create an efficient, candidate-focused application process. As a recruiter, you must examine a variety of factors, including how you will conduct structured interviews, the best ways to write job descriptions, and much more.

However, if you want to hire at scale while still attracting the interest of the best prospects, a candidate-first application process is essential. Take into account that the majority of applicants are less likely to finish a job application that takes 20 minutes or more and that 64% of applicants will tell others about their bad application experiences.

5) Use your networks to your advantage to locate the top candidates

While you may (and should) use social media platforms to assist disseminate job ads, the optimal method for mass Hiring Techniques isn’t to just publish open positions on Facebook or LinkedIn and hope for the best. Instead, think about using the networks you and your team have to find talent.

For instance, you might send a brief direct message to contacts you have on LinkedIn or Twitter and ask them if they’d be willing to share job posts with their networks or recommend people they think would be a good fit for the positions you’re searching for.

In conclusion

Having the appropriate Hiring Techniques in place can help you hire the right personnel, at scale, swiftly, and efficiently, regardless of whether you’re high-volume recruiting for the time in your employment or you’re just jumping into hiring at mass.

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