AI Recruitment tools

With the help of predictive analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps companies automate the recruitment. It does this by using machine learning to match candidates to the job profiles that are best for them.

The use of AI in recruitment process includes:

  • voice-activated chats, searches, and personal help
  • Pattern matching using machine learning
  • Using chatbots to set up interviews automatically

Use AI for recruiting, and by 2023, 77 percent of HR organizations are anticipated to do so.

1. Skillate 

Skillate is a high-tech engine for making decisions that speeds up and smooths out the recruitment. It offers intelligent recruitment services that are powered by AI, better experiences for candidates, and people analytics. Skillate also lets businesses hide personal information about candidates so that recruitment decisions can be made without bias.

Skillate uses deep learning to pull information from resumes and AI-powered JD assistants to help write job descriptions that attract better candidates. It also has an auto-interview scheduler, a job description assistant, and insights and analytics about the recruitment process that are based on data.

2. TurboHire

TurboHire’s intelligent recruitment platform is data-driven, structured, and collaborative. It combines machine and human intellectual ability to generate data and insights for candidate sourcing, screening, and evaluation.

In addition, TurboHire offers military-grade security for customer data and encrypted customer-to-cloud communication. With TurboHire, businesses have reportedly saved over 10,000 hours of recruitment and selection time and $2 million in hiring costs while recruiting over 50,000 candidates.

3. Zoho Hiring

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps staffing agencies, corporate HR departments, and temporary workers with every step of the hiring process. Zoho’s AI recruitment software utilizes automation to help its clients as well as businesses find candidates, screen resumes, create process workflows, and talk to candidates in real time with the assistance of chatbots.

4. Pymetrics

Pymetrics uses a mix of gamification and behavioral technology to make recruitment easier. It has a patent pending set of 12 games that measure cognitive and emotional traits in a fair and accurate way. It also has an extra set of four games to test your math and logic skills.

It says that it will cut the time it takes to hire people by 75%, increase the number of people hired by 100%, and cut the cost of hiring by 25%. Pymetrics also makes sure that algorithms are fair for both men and women by using ethical AI design with groups like the EEOC, Stanford University, and the World Economic Forum.

5. Mya 

With the help of Mya, an AI recruitment and selection platform that works like a conversation, companies will be able to hire people faster, save money on hiring, and make the whole process of hiring better. It automates engagement and communication with a large number of candidates. It does this by turning people who visit the site into job seekers and talent pools.

Mya gets information and insights from conversations to candidates by using its own natural language system. After that, insights from both unstructured and structured responses are utilized to update candidate profiles, do direct comparisons, and find actionable conversation analytics.

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