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7 Ways ATSs Simplify Remote Hiring


After the epidemic, Remote Hiring soared, and today, 58% of American workers claim they can work from home at least some of the time. Your HR team needs to be prepared for remote recruiting if any of your employees fall into this category or are among the 35% who work remotely full-time.

Fortunately, remote hiring can be quicker and simpler than conventional hiring techniques with the correct tools. Learn about seven ways an applicant tracking system (ATS) can make remote hiring easier for everyone involved, including recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers.

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1) Keep your employer branding consistent

An ATS may assist you in effectively and consistently communicating your employer’s brand, whether it is through the careers page on your corporate website, the job descriptions published on job boards, or sponsored social media posts promoting open positions. Employer branding highlights workplace culture and the benefits of working for your company.

Since candidates cannot rely on first impressions in person when applying for remote positions, your employer’s brand has an even greater influence on them. If the organization had a “great reputation,” 92% of employees would leave for a position with no pay raise, indicating that you could hire individuals based just on perception. They could also be lost: An employer with “poor social standing,” according to 86% of job searchers, is not even an option.

2) Create software for portable devices

More than 90% of job seekers look for open positions on their mobile devices. Offer mobile applications that candidates may complete right away to attract individuals who are engaged and active. You can develop mobile applications specifically for their devices using an ATS. Ensure a smooth application process for candidates to improve the likelihood that they will submit their information.

3) Incorporate inclusion, diversity, and equity into your procedure

While increasing representation is a goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion, these objectives should also involve making everyone feel welcome, heard, and respected and ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities. Make use of ATS solutions to improve remote hiring’s inclusion, equity, and diversity. Your recruiting team can with an ATS.

  • Offer several language job applications
  • Post open positions to more employment boards.
  • standardize employment forms to make them more inclusive
  • Remove all references to gender from job descriptions.
  • keep tabs on hiring demographic information

4) Effortlessly arrange for virtual interviews

Whether you’re doing an in-person or online interview, scheduling interview hours and communicating the specifics of when and where the interview will take place may be challenging and frequently stressful. However, there are benefits to remote hiring and interviews.

The scheduling of virtual interviews is frequently simpler and takes less time for both candidates and hiring teams, which accelerates the Remote Hiring process. Since there is no commuting time and less time away from a regular job, they are also less expensive and disruptive for both parties.

remote hiring

5) Automatically build a pipeline of candidates

The top ATS platforms feature strong candidate management capabilities, allowing you to keep candidate data and create a talent pipeline, having developed from their original usage as a candidate database. Then, with the help of their archived candidate profiles, you may search the ATS for previous applicants based on their abilities, credentials, or experience and contact them right away.

No matter where they are situated, you can contact exceptional past candidates when Remote Hiring. You can identify the best applicant for such roles if there are fewer or no location limitations because you will have more competent individuals to choose from.

6) Candidates for texting for quick, one-on-one communication

Establishing a personal connection with prospects while Remote Hiring requires a little more effort, but texting makes it simpler. In any case, 89% of job seekers prefer texting, and texts receive quicker responses than emails or phone calls. This enables you to easily schedule interviews with remote job prospects who are in high demand and recruit them more swiftly.

You can establish text message templates with an ATS to facilitate accurate communication more quickly. For quick updates that don’t damage the reputation of your employer, use your ATS to send dynamic bulk text messages. Text chats are also recorded by cloud-based ATS software, allowing you and your coworkers to access both recent and old talks.

7) An outstanding employee experience begins with ATS and onboarding

You don’t want the smooth, branded, and engaging candidate experience provided by an ATS to terminate abruptly once a candidate accepts a position. A fantastic employee experience can start with an ATS that connects to an onboarding platform, continuing the fun remote hiring process.

Software for onboarding can make Remote Hiring activities easier and help remote employees feel connected from the moment they are employed. A welcome message from the CEO or senior leadership, policies and procedures, team introductions, the company mission, vision, and values, among other things, can all be included in new hire portals that certain software offers.

With onboarding and recruitment software, new hires may complete the necessary documentation and background checks before their start date. That simplifies HR’s administrative tasks and frees them up to focus on more crucial onboarding activities, such as getting to know their coworkers and understanding their role responsibilities.

In conclusion

With the proper remote hiring strategy in place, any remote business can overcome these obstacles. Application tracking solutions that are powered by ATS help expedite the remote employee screening process. For conducting interviews, timezone discrepancies can be minimized by automatic meeting schedulers.

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