Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment to Attract Talented Young People

Campus recruitment is most often used by big corporations with major talent requirements, although it may be beneficial to businesses of any size. Industry sectors that largely depend on hiring from universities include technology, finance, engineering, and consulting.

College campuses throughout the globe are teeming with soon-to-be graduates who are anxious to get their feet into the door of a job. Developing connections with this group may help recruiters improve the quality of their prospect pool.

The tactics for finding, communicating with, and employing college students and recent graduates for internships and entry-level roles are referred to as university or campus recruitment.

The use of social media campaigns in conjunction with campus career services centers, visiting job fairs to interact directly with students, and collaborating with career services centers are all common college recruitment techniques.

Campus Recruitment Team Members

In an attempt to look “relatable” to college students, one technique for building a campus recruitment team is by selecting young people. Without a doubt, the connection is vital.

Talking with young professionals who were just like them when they were in their position as college students at job fairs may be an excellent tactic. A campus recruiter’s age, however, is not the only factor in efficient college recruitment.

Those on your team need to be personable, excited, informed, and ready to answer any questions students might have. It is preferable to have recent grads on your team who satisfy these requirements, but this does not rule out older team members who may contribute in other ways.

College students might benefit from the knowledge of higher-ups as well. Those who visit your booth at a job fair aren’t simply interested in learning about the experiences of other individuals their age who work for your organization. A wider professional arc is also important to them.

Creating a Digital Campus Recruitment Strategy

The efficiency of social media recruitment has been questioned by several recruiters. Rather than focusing on whether or if social media recruitment produces great outcomes, we believe the problem is more about the expectations that recruiters set on social media platforms. Social media recruitment is effective when it is asked to do the right thing.

The use of social media in recruitment is a beneficial technique for providing a “look behind the curtain” into a firm, according to one recruiter. Social media is used by 60% of students who are looking for a career to learn more about a company’s culture.

In other words, don’t count on finding candidates via the use of social media recruitment. You should instead think of it as a location to share your beliefs, workplace culture, and surroundings with the world.

Organizing A Virtual Event to Attract New Talent

  • There’s a lot more information on virtual recruitment available here. The following are some of our suggestions for putting up a successful online recruitment campaign:
  • Make sure you choose the correct platform: Zoom is a popular choice, but there are other possibilities like Brazen that provide more features and flexibility.
  • Promotion on all digital platforms: You must publicize the event widely across all of your digital platforms to draw in as many candidates as possible.
  • Make sure to follow up with all of your participants by sending them an email or direct message thanking them for attending and asking them to get in touch if they have any more questions.
  • Use metrics to keep tabs on progress: Instead of only counting how many people register for and attend your virtual events, you should additionally measure the conversion rate and offer acceptance rates of those who attend them, as well.

Gen Z Recruitment

Keep broad generalizations about a whole generation of employees in mind. Claims that Gen Z is more driven to alter the world than past generations are exaggerated, to say the least. Even while Gen Z has grown up in a world with several commonalities, this does not imply that their experiences and recruiting are not distinct.

Some of the best pieces on recruiting Gen Z may be found here. There are a few things to take in mind while putting out a recruitment plan for Generation Z:

  • Is well-versed in the latest technology?
  • Is hesitant to take risks.
  • Finding morally upright companies is an important goal.
  • Diversity and conclusion are important values.
  • Pay and work/life balance are important.

Connecting with College Students and Recent Graduates by Creating a Career Page

For fresh grads, some employment sites do a better job than others. Find out more about organizations that excel in this area by visiting this page.  Indeed and College Grad is two excellent examples. Candidates may sort open employment by “entry-level,” “junior,” “internship,” and other terms on each of those sites.

Do the same on your job site.  Using this tactic is a simple method to convey to new grads that you want them to apply to your company.

It would be even better if you made a separate career page just for students and recent graduates. While this portal would help students organize and streamline their job hunt, it would also provide relevant advantages for new employees like mentoring programs, which would be of appeal to students.


Successful campus recruitment is a critical component of any company’s strategy to attract potential young people. You can guarantee that your business attracts the best and brightest young people by employing a mix of traditional recruitment methods and newer, more technologically advanced technologies.

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