Group Interview

Group Interview to Speed Up the Recruiting Process

In big companies with a desire to simplify the employment process, group interview processes are prevalent. Participants in group interviews may include a manager, a member of your human resources staff, or someone who has previously held the role for which you are recruiting. As a result of having to share a room with other candidates, group interviews may be intimidating for job hopefuls.

Guidelines for Doing Group Interview

Take a look at our advice on how to do a better group interview:

  1. Make the Applicants Aware About the Group Interview

To ensure that each applicant is aware that they would be gathering for a group interview, make sure that they are all informed. Allowing them enough time to prepare is important since group interviews may be nerve-wracking. With the increased number of questions that are likely to be asked in a group interview, having this information will assist applicants in coming up with replies that will make them stand out. In your interview request email, you may provide information about who will be conducting the interview and when the interview will take place.

  1. Before Meeting with The Applicants, Meet with The Other Interviewers

In the group interview process, this is most likely the single most crucial stage to take into consideration. Before you perform the interview, you must get down with the other interviewers and plan how you will conduct the interview. Choosing what questions to ask, who will ask them, and how you will measure a candidate’s performance is up to you.

The questions will be diverse since each key decision-maker on the interview panel is likely to have distinct priorities based on their unique position within the organization, and hence each individual will have various questions. Identify them and share how you intend to address them in an open forum. The interview should not feel like a competition between you and the other candidates.

According to most experts, a member of the interview team should be in charge of overseeing the whole process from beginning to end. As the interviewer, you may help to direct the process by giving each applicant a chance to speak and ensuring that they do not feel hurried.

  1. Meet and Greet the Applicants as They Arrive

During the interview, each individual participating should introduce themselves, declare their position, and explain why they are taking part in the event. Candidates will be able to get a better sense of what the individual’s issues are and what they genuinely want to know from this information.

  1. Use A Rotational Questioning Strategy

Having questions from everyone at the same time is unfair to the persons who are being interviewed. Consider having each applicant take turns asking your specified questions, and then after the interview, you may allow for the last round of questions or further remarks from the candidates. Again, the interviewer should support this.

  1. Share Your Thoughts with The Other Interviewees

After the interview is done, take some time to share your opinions of the applicants with the other interviewers in the room. You may either do this immediately after the interview or later in the day, depending on your schedule. It is preferable, in any scenario, to have this talk as soon as possible after the interview while it is still fresh in your memory. Choosing who is the greatest match for the position will be easier if you talk it through with the other interviewees.

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