How to Increase Hire Quality

Quality hire employees are a crucial measure to monitor when assessing the effectiveness of recruiting since it assesses how well a new hire generally performs in achieving the requirements of their position.

The performance of the recruit and the ROI they provide to your firm over time is of much more significance than hiring promptly and within your budget.

Finding excellent workers was rated by more than 60% of businesses as their biggest difficulty for the upcoming year, according to our recent study report on the quality of hire.


5 Steps for How to Increase Hire Quality

1) Expand your Hire candidate pool

The caliber of hires you make heavily depends on the candidates you include in your hiring processes. Improving your Quality of Hire necessitates knowing which candidate sources are providing you with the finest recruits. It can be beneficial to inquire into things like.

  • Do you require additional people with a specific skill set?
  • Is a single source (Indeed, recommendations, Dice, etc.) supplying all of your top hires?
  • How many high-quality recruits have you made as a result of your event marketing and recruitment efforts?
  • You can give top-performing sources more attention and raise the standard of your candidate pool by tying individual sources’ success to the results of new hires.

Getting solid, reliable references is a terrific approach to confirm candidate quality once you’ve narrowed in on the finest sources. With the aid of insights, you can quickly acquire feedback from more references while also receiving information of a higher caliber.

2) Reference checks – Peer feedback

During the hiring process, 85% of job applicants lie. You can find and remove applicants who lack moral integrity and who won’t perform well by using an automated reference-checking procedure.

Gooptim provides the service to optimize your job ads and the utilization of Gooptim will also aid in increasing employee retention since you will be recruiting more quality hires and inclusive people as a result of using the service. Schedule the call and register yourself, Schedule now!

3) Remove Bias

By using a QoH metric and measuring it by a recruiter, you may identify the recruiters who are responsible for the highest-caliber recruits as well as those who prioritize particular candidate characteristics over aptitude and organizational fit. Whether intentional or not, a recruiter’s bias may be directed toward a specific academic institution, gender, skill set, or job history and may influence the choice of candidates they offer to hire managers. You must inform your recruiters about the bias of the detrimental effect has on the company’s performance and diversity over time if you want to increase the quality of hires.


4) Hire the Interview Questions

Were you aware that your interview questions may be eliminating some excellent individuals from consideration in your hiring process? Be sure to carefully consider your interview questions and A/B test various solutions. A lengthy interview procedure will lead prospects to withdraw or accept rival offers before you can issue one, so always keep your interviewees in mind. To increase your Quality of Hire, you can use Quality of Hire to determine which sets of interview questions work best.

5) Improve the onboarding Hire process

Within the first 90 days of employment, most new hires leave their jobs. This is mostly the result of hurried and unorganized onboarding procedures. Checkster’s New Hire Insights makes it simple to gauge the success of your onboarding program for recruits and for new hires to communicate with you when they require additional onboarding or training on a specific topic. Don’t cut corners on onboarding to boost new hire outcomes because doing so will increase your ROI and keep your new hires engaged and functioning at a high level.

In conclusion

You may utilize QoH measurements to improve new hire outcomes at your organization by tying new hire outcomes to pertinent aspects like your applicant pool and your onboarding procedures.

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