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How to Make Use of  Video in the Hiring Procedure


It is essential to use video in the Hiring Procedure. Create a careers page for it. Include it in the setup for your video interview. Include it in the overall Hiring Procedure for candidates. Your overall time to hire will be shortened, among other factors. Why video work is a combination of art and science. Compared to reading, we remember 65% more of what we see and hear. We use 80% of our brains to process visual information.

Hiring Procedure

6 Tips for How to Use Video in the Hiring Procedure

1) Don’t overthink things

First, try not to think too much about it. There isn’t a clear-cut right or wrong technique to make videos. People need to get over their irrational belief that a Hiring Procedure for a manager or recruiter must have a budget comparable to that of Hollywood. Instead, the focus should be on striking that crucial balance between authenticity and brand.

2) Focus on quality rather than quantity

Although it’s wonderful to have many applicants for a position so you have the option to choose, such a strategy is flawed. Did the appropriate 10 engineers who participated in our application Hiring Procedure see this video? And did they fully comprehend what we could provide for them?

3) Consider the “recruitment funnel”

The “funnel” is a fundamental component of sales and marketing strategy. There are so many various ways to express it. In the end, you can approach it in three steps. The top of the funnel, or the point at which your audience first learns about you, comes first. The “middle of the funnel” lies further down; at this point, your audience is familiar with you and wants to delve a little deeper into the details. The “bottom of the funnel,” or the point at which your audience decides based on what they have learned, is the last stage.

Understanding how to employ video in the Hiring Procedure. You can create a series of films to appeal to the different degrees of interest an applicant may have in the position or your business. That opening movie is located right at the top of the funnel.

Hiring Procedure

4) Be detailed and keep it short

This is especially important if you want to attract people who are busy and applying for multiple jobs at once. Because of this, you must make sure your films are focused and concise while learning how to use video in the Hiring Procedure.

5) Be truthful, with all your flaws

It’s impossible to avoid the fact that work can be miserable at times. Candidates will see stock videos and have stock feelings, therefore there needs to be a balance between the opportunities and obstacles. Although it may be tempting to downplay shortcomings, prospects will value candor. If you could be the first to let them know it, they won’t have to wait until their first day of work or their first 90 days to learn it.

6) Good questions lead to fantastic answers

Since your present Hiring Procedure will be included in your videos, ask them to discuss some of the more fascinating elements of their jobs. That implies that you are interviewing them; when doing so, go beyond simply asking them to summarize their typical day at work. Ask your staff some intriguing questions that they will be eager to respond to.

In conclusion

Learning how to use video in the Hiring Procedure may demonstrate the position and the work environment in ways that static words on a screen or piece of paper cannot, including in the careers page, the video interview, and even explicit employer brand marketing.

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