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How to Use Video Marketing to Drive Recruitment

The most popular kind of Video Marketing content, surpassing infographics and email, was video. YouTube is currently the second most popular website in the world, with over 800 million unique individuals visiting it each month. While this doesn’t necessarily imply you need to change your entire approach to YouTube, it is the ideal place to find a new and more engaged audience. Some businesses use videos on various networks to target candidates where they spend the majority of their time, including Facebook, Instagram’s Reels, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Job posts with videos get 12% more views than those without. When employers include videos in their job postings, the number of applications from candidates increases by 34% on average. They are an effective approach to connecting with and appealing to your candidate.

Video Marketing

5 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Drive Recruitment

1) Employee testimonials

A strong method to communicate a story, employee testimonials are essential for building your employer brand. When employees speak about their experiences working for your company instead of your HR team, candidates will respond more favorably. Testimonials are a terrific method to involve your employees in Video Marketing the hiring process since job searchers believe what they hear from employees.

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2) Short career Video Marketing

You may be creative with Video Marketing on a tight budget by using short career videos. If your business is typical of most in the tech industry, your staff likely has a sense of humor. People who are running for office frequently value humor. Some concepts: Allow the most recently employed employees to ask whatever questions they’d like during a Q&A with senior management that is being filmed. Have a contest where employees can submit videos of their “days at work” (from the beginning to the end of the day, in brief, narrated portions), and award prizes for first, second, and third place (this could be gift cards or bonus time off hours). Ask volunteers to do a final edit of a workplace outing or event that is being filmed; the most imaginative cut wins a prize.

3) Video Marketing job postings

These feature a message about the position or an opinion of Video Marketing from the hiring manager. The duties of a certain role are highlighted in these videos. Imagine them as a graphic employment advertisement. You can discuss your culture in these Video Marketing, but they also need to include things like a quick tour of the office, introductions to a few coworkers, and a narrative that focuses on what you want and what the job offers.

Video Marketing

4) Live streaming Video Marketing

Which includes Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Since live video feels more personal and can reach people who aren’t even looking for a new job (or weren’t before they saw a video about your organization), it is given priority by the algorithms on these social sites. You may give prospective employees a brief overview of the job, introduce some coworkers, or hold a question-and-answer session regarding a position. The benefit of live video is that it reaches candidates who might not have seen or noticed a typical job posting.

5) Social sharing of videos

Social sharing of Video Marketing enables you to use previously prepared content and enables your staff or clients to spread the word on their social networks. By making it simpler to share them, you can increase reach and engagement naturally.

In conclusion

You encourage viewers to apply for the position at the end of the video and in the video description. Put subtitles in (many watch videos with the sound off). Just shoot; don’t aim for perfection. The quality of the production is less important than how genuine, personal, and sincere your Video Marketing is.

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