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How to Use Volume Hiring in Video Interviewing

When Volume Hiring at scale, you must quickly screen a large number of candidates, narrow the field, and select the best candidates. You don’t want your rivals to hire the best prospects while they are still available. However, the interview stage is a well-known bottleneck in the Volume Hiring process.

Candidates don’t want to have to wait several days to hear back from a recruiter, especially given that the talent pool is significantly smaller than the demand. A candidate’s interest will be lost if you repeatedly exchange emails and phone calls to try to set up an interview. By using video interviews, you may streamline and accelerate the hiring process.

Benefits of Video Interviewing in Volume Hiring

1) Facilitates high-volume hiring

Compared to in-person interviews, video interviews allow businesses to screen many more candidates in a shorter amount of time. It helps businesses to continue Volume Hiring even when it’s difficult to meet in person, such as during a pandemic, in addition to saving time throughout the hiring process and hiring time.

With one-way video interviews, you can swiftly and effectively screen prospects by asking an identical set of questions to each applicant, whether they are text-based or already recorded. Then, when it’s convenient for them, candidates record their responses. To ensure a fair procedure, each applicant receives an equal amount of information, thinking time, and time to respond to the question.

2) Provides a thorough portrait of the candidate

You can only infer so much about a person without actually meeting them. 93% of human communication is nonverbal, therefore when hiring for customer service positions, you need candidates who not only speak the talk but also exhibit welcoming body language and mannerisms—two traits that are crucial for those in customer support positions.

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3) Strengthens the candidate’s experience

It improves the candidate’s experience by giving them the chance to appear at a time and location that works for Volume Hiring them. when they feel most relaxed and at ease. Their stress levels are diminished. They can illustrate how they match your company’s culture while showcasing their personality and skill set.

If necessary, they can even re-record their responses during one-way interviews. You improve the overall candidate of Volume Hiring experience by giving the candidate the power.

Volume Hiring

4) Simplifies the Volume Hiring process

By seamlessly connecting with the majority of ATSs, video interviewing software simplifies the hiring process. Candidates are not required to have a certain software program installed or to have a communication platform account. A link that directs people away from the application process does not have to be clicked.

5) Maintains Volume Hiring social distance while ensuring human connection

Using video interviewing makes sure you don’t lose the essential human element. Recruiters and candidates still interact. Prospective employees can still be interacted with by Volume Hiring.

Limitations on time and location are removed with video interviews. In other words, candidates don’t need to carve out time to physically visit your interview venue. If it is more convenient for them, they can conduct their interview from the convenience of their home. Additionally, they can do it on their schedule, which offers more freedom regarding location and time, including across time zones.

6) Lessens reliance on recruiters

Asynchronous video interviews don’t require a host to act as the interviewer. All candidates record their answers to a set of pre-recorded questions that the Volume Hiring manager has created. This eliminates the necessity for scheduling interviews and enables recruiters to access video interviews whenever it is convenient for them.

In conclusion

Video interviewing software makes it possible to interview a large number of candidates quickly and effectively, regardless of changes in the labor market. It gives an automated Volume Hiring procedure a human touch and enables your talent team to evaluate candidates’ verbal communication abilities and body language in addition to their suitability for the position.

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