There were 187 million active users on Twitter every day on average. Somewhere in there, there must be talent, and the good news would be that you probably won’t have to search too hard to find it. Thanks to a few Twitter tools, recruiters can search for and organize these millions of individuals and their tweets.

Advanced Lookup

You can narrow down your search on Twitter using Advanced Search in addition to hashtags. Exact phrases, words to avoid, and even sentiment can all be searched for.

Try searching sector hashtags alongside standard job search hashtags if you’re looking to expand your talent pool. For instance, if you’re hiring for a position in the medical field, you might find talent in the hashtags #mhealth, #FOAMed, or #MedEd (doctors, physicians, education).


After following a few potential customers, use Twitter lists to organize and keep in touch with them. You can quickly create customized lists on your lists page based on your hiring requirements by department, length of service level, or location. Once you’ve created a list, you can easily access all of those users’ tweets in one place.

Developing Relationships

Developing the prospect relationships you begin on Twitter is crucial, and the platform makes it simple and quick to do so.


Likes, retweets, and replies can all be used to communicate. Replying is just a better way to show other users who you are than the first two options, which can be done with the click of a button. When you see a Tweet that makes you think of something, use it to start a conversation. If you answer the original poster, you might even start a conversation with someone who isn’t actively looking for a job.


Twitter chats are another way to go. Twitter chats seem to be conversations one which happen at specific times and dates and use a specific hashtag. People can follow the conversation and add to it by using the hashtag. As a recruiter, users can take part in Twitter chats that focus on your industry or on job search as well as recruitment.

How are employers hiring on Twitter?

Make sure you understand your goals for using social media before starting your recruitment on Twitter if you’re just getting started. Why are you setting up a Twitter account for recruiting? Does this mean that “everyone is on Twitter”? Do you prefer to be using Twitter as a different type of job board? There is much more to Twitter than that. You can promote your employer brand, highlight the accomplishments of your team members, and share team messages to candidates. However, you must first choose whether you’ll run the Twitter handle for your business or use your profile page to recruit.

Increasing the skill on Twitter

Now that you’ve set up your account, you can post job openings and start using Twitter to find people to hire. But if no one follows you, it’s just like trying to talk to yourself. When you have a job opening, you are interested in letting people know about it, so the first step is to get in touch with them. If you’re in charge of a company’s Twitter account, you can tweet about company news, but try not to be too formal. If you want to show what it’s like to work for you, you could tweet about your employees’ accomplishments or post pictures from a recent company event. Sharing articles about your industry that your followers could perhaps find interesting is another good idea.

Many recruiters are using their Twitter handles for both work and fun, but it’s best to keep your tweets balanced. People won’t follow you if all you do is tweet about job openings at your company. You can show who you are as a person behind the title “recruiter” on Twitter, so try to post interesting things. So, you’ll be less likely to look like a simple job-ad account.

How to advertise a job on Twitter

The standard Twitter recruiting tactic is to simply tweet that you’re hiring. Our group is seeking [job title]. Visit [link] to apply now. But for that, there are numerous job boards. It’s not always a good idea to use Twitter as just another job board because it won’t necessarily benefit your hiring process. Getting in touch with candidates via Twitter is crucial before doing so in a more “traditional” manner (e.g. over an email or an interview.) So you ought to make use of that. Get inventive and use a more relaxed, playful approach to recruit candidates. The hashtag #OurOfficeIsBetter was created by to encourage interns to share their experiences (sometimes in videos) and draw in more applicants.

Employee recommendations have plenty of room on Twitter as well. When you tweet about open positions, your staff members can RT to share the news with their followers.

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