Volume Hiring

Strategies For Career Traffic in Volume Hiring

Even if your careers website is excellent at turning Volume Hiring visitors into applications, what good is that if your website doesn’t receive enough traffic, to begin with?

You need a steady stream of candidate traffic flowing to your careers site from many sources when you’re hiring for several roles at once. In this manner, you can attract as many of these job searchers as you can into your hiring process.

Volume Hiring

10 Strategies for Career Traffic in Volume Hiring

1) Volume Hiring Use job boards

In volume hiring, this statistic is considerably higher, with 60% of active job seekers using job boards and job site aggregators to find their next position.

And the reason for this is that job boards involve little work from candidates, who may register with them once and receive notifications of any openings that match their preferences (industry, area, job function, etc.) as soon as they become available.

2) Include a careers button in the menu of your website

Your company website probably receives more daily visitors than your careers webpage. Companies’ websites naturally get more visitors because they can be found and visited for a variety of purposes, as opposed to job sites, which are only for job seekers.

This presents you with an opportunity to profit by sending any job seekers who visit your main website to your careers page. Simply add a “Jobs” or “Careers” item to the main navigation menu of your website and connect it to your career site to do this.

3) Produce content for employer branding in Volume Hiring

Your careers website should offer more than just a listing of your open positions. In addition to allowing you to display your company culture, creating employer branding content for your website also provides you with content you can cross-post to other platforms to increase reach and then lead users back to your careers site.

4) Use specific career social media accounts

If you have specific career social media accounts, you can concentrate on developing your employer brand on social media and use each post as an opportunity to drive traffic to your job’s website.

Additionally, you may post job information on Careers’ social media platforms as Volume Hiring frequently as you’d like without irritating anyone who follows your brand but isn’t seeking for a new position. To make the most of any traffic you receive to those pages, you can also link to your career social accounts in the bio of your primary brand social media networks.

5) Use career hashtags

Many job seekers (especially in the gen Z market) will follow career hashtags so that content relating to jobs appears in their feeds without them having to search for it. If you utilize hashtags in your utilized social media posts, this will increase their visibility to active job seekers who use social media platforms for job hunting.

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Volume Hiring

6) Launch a PPC campaign for Volume Hiring

Running a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad to increase traffic to your careers website will be your best alternative if you need results right now.

Even while it isn’t the most affordable strategy, it will yield results far more quickly than any SEO plan, which is more of a steady, methodical approach.

7) Make your job sites Google for Jobs-optimized

According to Google, since 2020, the number of searches for the term “job application” has climbed by 100% annually.

Therefore, even if there may be a candidate shortage at the moment, there is still a lot of room to increase search engine traffic from job seekers for Volume Hiring.

If you are unfamiliar with Google for Jobs, it is effectively Google’s employment board. Although it’s free to use, your job pages won’t be picked up and shown to job searchers if they aren’t optimized for Google for Jobs.

8) Take Volume Hiring optimized action

If you want to increase the number of visits to your careers site as number a larger recruitment campaign, you should think about developing a newsworthy PR angle that will attract media attention.

9) Establish a talent community

Every time a candidate applies to one of your openings applies to CRM and your talent community. But are you consistently utilizing these candidates to their fullest potential?

By delivering automated job alerts (through SMS messaging and email marketing) that are relevant to their interests each time a new open position arises, you can make the most of your community through your ATS. Candidates should be directed by these messages to the appropriate job pages on your careers website where they may submit their applications directly Volume Hiring to you.

10) Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

Up to 45% of job seekers conduct daily job searches on their mobile devices. They not only expect to be able to conveniently explore your career site and look at your positions, but 77% of them also want to be able to apply for your roles on mobile.

When a candidate clicks through to your Volume Hiring site and it is not responsive to mobile devices, they will quit the website right away and won’t come back. Therefore, not only do you lose that applicant, but this also sends the wrong message to search engines about your website’s quality.

In conclusion

Volume hiring can be demanding for all parties. Candidates are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the hiring process, and you are under pressure to fill every opening promptly.

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