Recruitment companies need all the help they can get in today’s tough job market. They need to quickly and effectively find the best people to work for them and also build strong relationships with clients. Here’s where Gooptim comes in. Goingoptim is a strong recruitment agency software that can help you make your work easier, get more done, and save time.

Here are five ways that Gooptim can change your staffing firm:

Save time by automating tasks that used to be done by hand

Recruitment firms spend a lot of time doing things by hand, like finding candidates, setting up interviews, and getting back in touch with customers. Many of these jobs can be done automatically by Gooptim, which gives your team more time to work on more important tasks.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS): The ATS that comes with Gooptim helps you handle the whole hiring process, from beginning to end. It’s simple to post jobs, keep track of applications, and set up interviews. The ATS also helps you quickly and easily sort through resumes and find qualified prospects.

Automated Workflows: Gooptim lets you set up automated workflows for jobs that you do over and over, like inviting people to interviews or following up with applicants. By doing this, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required.

Make the experience of candidates better

It’s more important than ever to give candidates a good experience in today’s job market. You can do that with Gooptim’s help.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Gooptim’s CRM lets you keep track of your contacts with candidates and let them know what’s going on with the hiring process. It’s simple to send personalised notes, set up interviews, and give feedback.

Platform that works on mobile devices: Gooptim’s platform works well on mobile devices, so job seekers can easily apply for jobs and check on the state of their applications while they’re on the go. This can make the experience of your candidates better and help you hire the best people.

Enhance collaboration and communication

Gooptim can also help your team and clients talk to each other and work together better.

Tools for Internal Communication: Gooptim offers tools for internal communication that make it easy for your team to work together on projects and share information. This can help everyone work together better and be on the same page.

Client site: The Gooptim client site is a safe and simple way for your clients to see job postings, keep an eye on candidate progress, and talk to your team. Getting clients to agree with this can make relationships better and make clients happier.

Get Powerful Information and Ideas

You can get useful information and ideas from Gooptim that can help you improve the way you hire people.

Reporting and analytics: Gooptim’s reporting and analytics tools let you keep an eye on important data like source of hire, cost per hire, and time to hire. You can use this info to find places to improve and make decisions based on facts.

Dashboards that you can change: Gooptim lets you make dashboards that show you the information that’s most important to you. This can help you keep track of the hiring process and spot any problems that might come up.

Make your relationships with clients stronger

GoingOptim can help you get along better with your clients.

Better Communication: Gooptim’s platform makes it easy to talk to your clients and let them know how their finds are going.

Success Tracking: Gooptim lets you keep track of how well your placements are doing and let your clients know about it. You can show how valuable your services are and gain trust this way.

Get more deals done and make more money

In the end, Gooptim can help you make more money by closing more deals.

Better efficiency: Gooptim can help you save time and money by automating chores and streamlining processes. You can then focus on making sales and building your business.

Much better matching of candidates: Gooptim’s strong search tools and matching algorithms can help you find the best options for your clients. This could make clients happier and increase the number of jobs that are filled.


Gooptim is a powerful piece of software for job agencies that can change the way your business works. Gooptim can help you close more deals and make more money by automating chores, making the candidate experience better, giving you useful information, and making your relationships with clients stronger.

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