Companies use artificial intelligence (AI) in a lot of different ways. One of the parts of day-to-day operations that are being affected the most is recruiting. AI tools like voice-enabled chats, machine learning-pattern matching, as well as people analytics are making it easier for leaders to find and hire new employees.

AI can now be used by recruiting teams in the form of tools that help them find, screen, and select the best candidates. But there is a significant amount of noise in this interior, and it may be hard to tell what is real and what is just a clever marketing pitch. At SSR, we’ve spent a great deal of time learning about the landscape of AI recruiting tools to find the best vendors, the best use instances, and what to assume when you add AI to your recruitment process. The best AI recruitment process tool is already out there, ready to help you improve the way you hire people. It’s amazing how many ways there are to find new people to work for your business.

1. Turing 

Turing is the best choice for a company looking to hire AI talent. Their AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud helps companies find, screen, match, and handle the best remote software developers from all over the world. The platform is used by some of the best companies in the world, like Pepsi, Dell, and Coinbase. It uses global sourcing, smart vetting, comprehensive matching, HR/payments conformance, and automated quality control on the job.

Turing does a great job of making it easy for both companies and developers to hire developers remotely. Companies can hire highly qualified, remote software workers who have already been screened and have more than 100 skills. The whole thing takes only 3–5 days. The Intelligent Talent Cloud uses AI to vet, match, and manage more than 1.5 million developers all around the world. This saves companies a ton of time and money as they build an engineering team in days.

2. Source Developers With Toptal

One of the best ways to make sure you hire the best AI and machine learning engineers is to use a platform like Toptal to find developers. This platform connects businesses to the top 3% of design, development, project management, as well as finance talent around the world. Companies that want to hire AI and machine learning engineers should look at Toptal developers. These developers offer services in full-stack development, machine learning, AI, as well as blockchain.

Toptal uses a thorough screening process to find talented people. The whole process usually takes between 0 and 3 weeks. Its global talent network is made up of freelancers who work from home and have passed this screening process. Then, Toptal chooses from this pool of talent based on your needs and sends it to your company. Then, your company can talk to the chosen candidates and decide if they are worth moving forward with.

3. Manatal

The Manatal platform makes it easier to hire people by choosing the most appropriate people for a job and automating tasks that are already being done. Its AI Recruitment Software is made to find and hire people more quickly. It is easy to use and powerful. It is made for HR teams, job agencies, and headhunters.

Because it is easy to use, there isn’t a steep learning curve. With a nice drag-and-drop interface, you can make a recruitment pipeline that fits your process. You can also quickly see how your recruitment is going from a single board.

4. Skillate

Skillate is among the best AI recruitment tools out there. It is an advanced judgment engine that can dramatically improve the hiring process by offering AI-powered intelligent hiring services, people analytics, and better candidate experiences. Companies can focus on making fair decisions because the tool lets them mark individual information about potential hires.

5. TurboHire

TurboHire is a smart platform for recruiting qualified people that is driven by data. It is organized and gives many chances to work together in ways that are useful. TurboHire can tell you a lot about potential candidates because it uses both human and machine intelligence. The platform is also very safe for customer data, and all communications between customers and the cloud are encrypted.

6. Talenture

Talenture is a platform for hiring that uses AI and machine learning (ML) engine insights. It has a virtual recruitment expert that helps businesses keep track of job processing, and it ranks candidates based on things like how employable they are and how much time they have to work. Talenture has a mobile app that helps find candidates from social sites, job boards, career sites, and other places.

7. Fetcher

Fetcher is a platform that uses AI to automate the recruitment. It combines AI with human tracking to make the hiring process more inclusive. An internal team keeps an eye on the data to find a wide range of qualified candidates. The tool also gives hiring teams genuine insight and reports to help them make the best decisions possible.

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