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Use of Personality Tests in the Hiring Process

Pre-employment Personality Tests are empirical evaluations that analyze a candidate’s non-behavioral traits. To inform the interview process, these tests are frequently administered to candidates before the interview. They come in the form of multiple-choice self-assessments where the applicant selects the characteristics or assertions that best describe their personality.

Based on the findings, you can learn more about a candidate’s fundamental qualities, including their motives, communication style, temperament, character, and more.

A Personality Tests, for instance, can disclose a person’s preferred method of social interaction, how they prefer to handle difficult situations, or how adaptable they are to change.

Why should Use Personality Tests in the Hiring Process?

1) Multi-measure assessments have been shown to predict performance

Personality tests have been criticized for their low capacity to predict work performance on their own, but when combined with additional measures like cognitive ability tests or culture fit tests, they have been shown to do so.

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2) Personality Tests are more constant than behavior

Past behavior is frequently the focus of employment interviews. People can, however, alter or adjust their conduct. For instance, even if it is not Personality Tests, someone who is naturally disorganized can learn routines to keep oneself organized.

However, when put in an unfamiliar setting, their personality is most likely to emerge. To put it another way, if your behavior is the top of the iceberg—visible—then what’s your personality is what lies beneath the surface and might not be apparent throughout the recruiting process without a personality test.

3) Candidates complete personality tests honestly

You could be concerned that candidates won’t complete personality tests honestly and will instead try to provide the “correct” answers. Candidates typically provide honest responses on personality questionnaires. And when they do falsify the truth, it usually has little effect on voters’ preferences for one candidate over another.

4) Personality tests add objectivity to the hiring process

It can be challenging to evaluate someone’s personality in a brief interview, and different interviewers in the same room may have quite different impressions of the same candidate.

Personality assessments using personality tests add a new degree of objectivity and consistency, offering you a quick way to gain a complete picture of each candidate.

5) Personality assessments improve your interviewing skills

Before an interview, the more information you have about a prospect, the better questions you can prepare. You can ask a candidate more individualized questions about how they would respond to particular business settings in the interview by pre-asking them questions about their Personality Tests. By doing this, you can avoid searching for information during the interview.

In Conclusion

Personality tests are by far the most adaptable personnel selection techniques Available, demonstrating relevance to a wide range of crucial workplace outcomes. Organizations must make sure that their personality tests are intended to be used in hiring and are not just tools for personal growth.

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