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Using Social Recruiting to Find Potential Employees

The use of social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to promote positions, locate talent, and interact with prospective recruits about business culture is known as social recruiting also known as social hiring and social media recruitment.

Even if you don’t use social media as part of your recruitment strategy, it is increasingly essential to do so.

Social media is used by more than 94% of professional recruiters to connect with potential candidates. A company’s social media presence was also cited by 59% of workers as a factor in choosing their workplace.

Learn how to utilize social media as a recruitment tool in our step-by-step tutorial below to enhance your hiring process and bring in the best employees possible. Besides that, we also have advice on how to improve your employer branding and examples of social recruiting that you can use.

Guidelines for Social Recruiting

  1. How to Utilise Periscope to Recruit New Employees

If you have a mobile phone, you can use Periscope to broadcast a live video feed to anybody who can connect to the internet. Use Periscope to broadcast corporate events or a live video feed of your office in addition to doing live Q&As with possible candidates and showcasing your company culture.

  • Get the Periscope app on your phone.
  • Advertise your Q&A on Periscope.
  • On the day of your launch, make sure you’re prepared properly.
  • Set the parameters so that the biggest possible audience can engage — reveal the location, enable anybody to see and comment, and post to Twitter are just a few of the things you should do.
  • Run through the practice a few times.
  • Make a public service announcement! Keep an eye out for questions in the lower-left corner of your screen and respond to them.
  1. Improve the Searchability of Your LinkedIn Business Page

Search engines utilize the content of your LinkedIn page to rank your profile and determine where you appear in search results based on what you write when you establish your account.

  • Only the first 154 characters of your business page will be shown in search results, so write a concise key statement.
  • Create a detailed business description — Because Google considers all of this to be searchable language, you’ll want to include keywords that people would use to locate your firm in a search, and you may need to balance it out with social media marketing demands — not just recruitment needs.
  • Complete the “Company Specialties” box, and then click “Submit” to complete the application.
  1. Make Effective Use of social media to Promote Your Organization’s Culture

It is your firm’s founding members who are in the greatest position to truly express corporate culture on social media platforms. A social media strategy might assist them in becoming more comfortable discussing your company.

As soon as your organization has established a social media strategy, it’s time to turn to your employees as the most reliable source of social recruitment leads. They need to be honest on social media about what their work environment is like.

  1. Keeping A Close Eye on Your Social Media Activity

Monitor your social media presence for chances to communicate with your workers and future employees, as well as for relevant information to post, using a variety of tools available.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that we believe is the most user-friendly. To begin, follow these steps.

  • Add your social media accounts to Hootsuite after you have signed up for an account there.
  • Click “AddStream” in Hootsuite to create simple streams for monitoring. Instant alternatives are available for each account.
  • Select “AddStream” and then “Search” in Hootsuite to create a new stream. For example, you may create searches for your brand name and industry influencers as well as relevant keywords for your audience.
  1. Make Easy-to-share Workplace Branding Films

There are a lot of videos to be found when looking at the social media branding of huge corporations. This seems like a job for a professional, don’t you think?

What’s more, when paired with the correct lighting and music, the powerful small cameras on our phones are capable of producing some very beautiful shots.

  1. Use social media And Passive Candidates to Your Advantage

People who were not actively seeking a job will be a large proportion of the passive prospects you get if you use social media to recruit them. According to a large body of evidence, passive candidates do not fare as well as active candidates.

Try to find out why the passive applicant is interested in your job before making a final decision. What kind of enthusiasm do they have for their jobs? Present a true image of what it’s like to avoid choosing people who won’t adjust. Don’t try to hide the fact that this is a difficult job.

  1. Use Instagram to Get People Interested in Your Company

When it comes to Facebook sharing, things have changed. Forget about being seen on Facebook without paying for it these days. While Facebook and Twitter have higher user engagement, Instagram has the most user engagement of any of the big social media platforms, with around 10 times the amount of interaction of Facebook and 100 times the amount of engagement of Twitter.

On average, you’re getting 10–100 times higher engagement on a post when this happens. In particular, since 67 percent of its visitors are under the age of 29, it is an excellent platform for developing your employer’s brand.

  1. To Boost Your Facebook Audience, Learn More About Them

If you want to see what content is gaining the most attention on your Facebook page, you may utilize Facebook’s built-in insight capabilities. It is possible to build a Facebook page just for employer branding, which will provide you with data that is unique to those who are interested in employment rather than the general following of your business.

  1. Make Use of Social Recruiting Software

Is often the simplest solution to streamlining all of your social media recruitment efforts is to make use of a software tool that may make the process more straightforward.

Synchronize your company’s many social media profiles, schedule posts, automate answers, and more with the help of social recruiting software. Platforms for social recruiting include:

  • Bullhorn
  • Jobvite
  • Recruiterbox
  • HRS
  • Greenhouse
  • Lever

The Best Ways to Use Social Recruiting:

Make Connections with And Interact with Your Target Audience

Be pleasant and start a conversation with a possible applicant if you react to them. Especially if they are a passive job seeker, you will have to work hard to acquire their trust and respect.

Showcase Your Company’s Values

Employer branding material, celebration events, milestones attained, and philanthropic efforts in the community are all excellent ways to show off your company’s finest side to potential customers. You need to offer potential employees a sense of what life at your company is like.

Post a Variety of Content

Talking about your business all the time might come out as arrogant or uninteresting. Share job vacancies in a variety of ways, including “We are hiring” photos, amusing postings about local news and industry trends, and other subjects that may be of interest to your followers and potential customers.

Use The Right Social Media Platforms to Spread Your Message

To select the ideal platforms on which to publish your job opportunities, you’ll need to understand your applicant profile first. Examine new platforms to see whether they match your company’s identity and use your employer branding plan to help you make an informed decision.

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