Virtual Recruiting Events

Virtual Recruiting Events That Draw Candidates


A tried-and-true strategy to draw talent to your company and increase brand recognition is Virtual Recruiting Events. Through carefully crafted event collateral, in-person recruiting events are a terrific method to establish relationships with candidates and introduce them to your employer brand.

Large-scale events have been put on indefinite hold as many workplaces have transitioned to a digital-first world. However, that doesn’t imply you should abandon your approach to recruiting events.

5 Virtual Recruiting Events Ideas To That Draw Candidates

You may increase the size of your talent pipeline by participating in virtual recruiting events. You have the opportunity to increase brand recognition and establish connections with talent segments through virtual events, who might not otherwise be aware of your company. Additionally, by eliminating the requirement to visit a given location at a specific time with virtual recruiting events, you can significantly increase your reach and attract more talent.

Your diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts can be strengthened by using virtual events. that candidates who are underrepresented in minority groups and students from lower-ranked colleges are more likely to participate in virtual recruiting events than candidates who are non-minorities and students from prestigious universities. Let’s discuss a few concepts for virtual recruiting events that will make you stand out and draw candidates.

1) Professional growth

Due to the coronavirus, people are staying at home more, which implies that they have more free time. Many people are taking advantage of this time to update their knowledge or pick up new abilities. Organizing a professional development event can be a wonderful approach to drawing in prospects because they are aware that it will help them advance their careers.

Consider the skill sets that your business needs to attract to get started. Use these as the cornerstone of your programming to develop the necessary skill sets for your organization while also developing a pipeline that is engaged.

2) Presentations and panels on diversity and inclusion

Given the numerous discussions and protests about racial equality, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are on many candidates’ minds. The days of having a statement about diversity, equity, and accessibility on your website and job descriptions are long gone. Candidates want to know how committed you are to fostering a workplace that is both fair and inclusive.

The best Virtual Recruiting Events method to promote your D&I initiatives and highlight real, diverse employee stories is through a panel or presentation. Uncertain about where to begin? Ask your company’s management, employee resource groups (ERGs), and current staff members to take part in a discussion about representation and inclusion in the workplace.

3) Sessions of “Ask Me Anything”

Candidates have the opportunity to get all of their questions answered in one place during an Ask Me Anything (commonly abbreviated as AMA) session. A high-profile person (such as a member of your executive team or the head of talent acquisition) often responds to any audience questions at these kinds of Virtual Recruiting Events.

AMAs have been a well-liked marketing tactic in recent years, both for consumer marketing and corporate communications.

Virtual Recruiting Events

4) Online information sessions

Even if you’re not actively recruiting, it’s crucial to keep producing content and engaging in activities that increase awareness of your employer brand. This will enable you to resume operations as soon as the market stabilizes. A virtual information session is a great method to promote your employee experience and introduce potential applicants to the many different facets of your company.

Candidates are drawn to information sessions because they offer the chance to learn about an organization without having to worry about networking or making a good first impression on a recruiter.

5) “Fireside” discussions

An informal yet semi-structured interview between a moderator and a guest is called a “fireside conversation” (or panel of guests). There are typically no presentations or slides, simply a small group of Virtual Recruiting Events in people conversing informally about a predetermined subject.

Fireside chats are a fantastic way to show off the human aspect of your firm because these gatherings are casual. This kind of event is exactly what they’re seeking because applicants nowadays crave genuine, original content!

In Conclusion

Let these concepts serve as inspiration for your virtual recruiting events approach! There are a variety of other ways you may virtually demonstrate company culture to attract candidates and enhance their overall hiring experience.

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