The selection of Harver in the Recruitment Software category is predicated on interviews and surveys with HR professionals regarding their satisfaction with current market technology offerings. It is an honour to be selected by the industry as a partner of the highest calibre.  This award demonstrates that organisations value having a singular partner who can help them hire and develop talent more efficiently and effectively. Why is this so important right now? Read on to discover five reasons why your company requires a five-star recruiting software solution such as Harver. 

You have room to develop

Only 26% of recruiting organisations have a fully mature, creative, and human-centered talent acquisition (TA) strategy. The majority of companies are either Reactive & Fragmented (14%), Standardised & Structured (31%), or Proactive & Personalised (29%), according to a TA Maturity Model developed by The Josh Bersin Company.  

As more employers acclimatise to changing technology and labour trends, they require knowledgeable partners and innovative solutions to meet them where they are on their TA journey – and to assist them in evolving processes and strategies. Despite already facilitating hiring modernization for some of the most advanced TA teams, Harver is not resting on its laurels. Numerous additional employers still require five-star recruitment solutions, such as Harver’s extensive selection of assessments. 

You are facing a worldwide candidate scarcity

Simply put, there are fewer individuals of working age in this generation than in previous generations. As noted by Frida Polli, Chief Data Science Officer of Harver, “continued record low unemployment highlights the need to search for talent in a more efficient manner.” The 5-star way ahead? Equalising the playing field for all candidates by hiring based on job fit and employing solutions that enable fair hiring. 

Your organisation requires objective data to facilitate the more effective method of skill-based hiring. Harver’s assessment portfolio, for instance, is founded on decades of predictive and objective science that enables HR leaders to construct a “skills taxonomy” of their existing workforce, including a list of desired traits and behaviours.From there, organisations can compare candidate assessment data to this skills taxonomy to determine if a candidate is a good match for a particular position. This data-driven method matches job seekers to positions more effectively and expediently. Additionally, it broadens the applicant pool to include diverse candidates with the desired characteristics and behaviours who might otherwise be overlooked. 

Your applicants require an engaging experience 

Consistently, we hear from clients that enhancing the candidate experience is a never-ending battle. With market trends transitioning towards employers competing fiercely for talent, you must meet the expectations of modern candidates with an experience that is quick, convenient, and compelling for applicants. 

Our consumers and other astute businesses are already utilising seamless methods to engage applicants and reduce attrition. A prominent global BPO customer, for instance, saw candidate satisfaction reach 97.5 percent after implementing Harver’s end-to-end candidate experience solution. This innovative client also reduced turnover by 45% and vacancies by 400%. To accomplish 5-star results with HR technology, it is advantageous to have a 5-star provider.  

To beat the odds, you need tried-and-true effectiveness

Due to the global labour shortage and economic trends, employers are attempting to accomplish more with fewer resources. Growth requires two primary inputs: labour and labour productivity. Given the limited number of available candidates, it is the most significant industry disruptor. To continue expanding, especially in uncertain times like the present, your company must be able to increase employee productivity further.  

You can accomplish this by leveraging technology to elevate human workflows and increase productivity. In this instance, Harver’s Hiring Process Optimisation leverages candidate matching, intelligent automation, a brand-aligned candidate experience, and data-driven insights to enable businesses to engage, acquire, and develop talent much more quickly and with less effort. 

You give importance to growth and internal mobility

Unlocking potential through employee development and internal mobility is a further method for companies to boost labour productivity. In fact, Laura Stanley, Harver’s chief people officer, predicted the transition to internal mobility this year. A build versus acquire approach makes sense and saves money for organisations that must do more with less. Internal recruiting can save 20% compared to external hiring. 

Harver’s assessment technology enables your organisation to identify the qualities that translate to success in a particular role, establish a benchmark for these qualities, and then measure employees against this benchmark using assessment results. From there, you and the employee can collaborate to further develop certain required skills or to place the employee in a more suitable position.An investment in employee development and mobility demonstrates a tangible commitment to your employees, which contributes to their engagement and satisfaction. 


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